Raid Loot Table

Table of Contents

Note about the loot list

  • Text in (name) shows name of proc or passive effect.
  • Text in [ FLAG ] shows certain flags, like mythical, relic, part of the set or crafting material.
  • Drops of certain armor slots drop all versions (plate, chain, leather and cloth) as well as all possible stat combinations (tanky, dps, healer, caster).

Quest & Achievement Rewards

Completing the quest in Maldura: Bhoughbh’s Folly [X2 Raid]:

Completing following triumph achievements reward Thalumbra Equipment Infuser

  • Triumph: Decimation of Terror (Tier 1) – kill all raid T1 names
  • Triumph: Decimation of Terror (Tier 2) – kill all raid T2 names
  • Triumph: Decimation of Terror (Tier 3) – kill all raid T3 names

Mission Rewards

Possible rewards from Raid Weekly Mission Reward Crate


Vendor: Spirit of Bereth <Faction Merchant> (Maldura: Forge of Ashes [Raid]; spawns after killing either Captain Greybeard or Captain Ashenfell)

To acquire Captain Ashenfell’s Insignia you must first raise your faction with Captain Ashenfell by killing Captain Graybeard several times (each kill earns you 10k faction with Ashenfell and -10k with Graybeard). To get the other currency, Captain Graybeard’s Insignia, you have to do the opposite.

Shared loot

Following is the list of possible drops that are shared across raid zones.

Possible drops from named mobs

Possible drops from any raid mob, thrash or name

Maldura: Bhoughbh’s Folly

Maldura: Forges of Ashes

Kralet Penumbra: The Hive Mind

Stygian Threshold: Edge of Underfoot