Relic gear can be purchased, rewarded for turning in certain collection sets or it can drop from ANY named mob in any contested or instanced heroic or event heroic zone. When it drops in appears in a unique chest called reliquary. People often ask what is the best place to farm, but the truth is there isn’t a specific one. General rule is that you want to kill as many named mobs as you can in fastest manner possible. Good place for this are lower tier heroics or parts of contested zone.

NOTE: You can wear only 2 relic and 1 greater relic items at a time.

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Quest Rewards

Completing the main tradeskill questline will reward you a choice of 4 secondary items:

Completing the only quest inside Maldura: Bhoughbh’s Folly [X2 Raid] (requirement for the quest is completed access quest for this zone) rewards:

Purchased from vendor

Vendor: Sarforth (Outer Maldura; Thalumbra, the Ever Deep) – each item costs 100m SP, 1k plat and 300 Coin of the Eternal Queen

Vendor: Spirit of Bereth (Maldura: Forge of Ashes [Raid]) – spawns after killing either captain, Graybeard or Ashenfell – each item costs 1 Captain Ashenfell’s Insignia and 1 Captain Graybeard’s Insignia (these can be purchased from the same vendor when you acquire 40k positive disposition with their corresponding faction)

Collection Rewards


Following relic gear can drop from any named mob in ToT heroic, event heroic and contested heroic zones. They’re extremely rare drops which come in a unique reliquary chest. Armor pieces can also come from Treasure Hunt key chests, though extremely rare drop!

Following relic gear can drop from contested raid mob Venekor in The Fabled Temple of Cazic Thule.

Raid drops

Class Relic Cloaks

Following is a list of unique and OP class specific cloaks. These cloaks are super rare drops that can drop from any named mob in any heroic, event heroic or contested zone. Drop rate seems to be extremely low. Fortunately, there are many names in the contested zone for example, with a short respawn timer.

Assassin Assassin’s Shroud Inquisitor Cloak of the Archon
Beastlord Mantle of the Beast Monk Grandmaster’s Mantle
Berserker Battlemaster’s Serape Mystic Cloak of the Ancesters
Brigand Bandit’s Shroud Necromancer Graverobber’s Shroud
Bruiser Battlerager’s Cloak Paladin Avenger’s Cloak
Channeler Mantle of the Conduit Ranger Hunter’s Cloak
Coercer Mindbender’s Mantle Shadowknight Gravelord’s Shroud
Conjuror Elementalist’s Cloak Swashbuckler Saboteur’s Cape
Defiler Spiritwalker’s Shroud Templar Prelate’s Rainments
Dirge Bladesinger’s Cloak Troubador Cloak of the Virtuoso
Fury Windcaller’s Shroud Warden Mantle of the Tempest
Guardian Protector’s Cloak Warlock Shroud of the Heretic
Illusionist Chromatic Cloak Wizard Cloak of the High Magus