Tradeskill in ToT has received an overhaul like it did in AoM. There are two recipes per each TS class, essentials and advanced. Aside from that there are recipes for crafting some very unique items.

Important changes made to crafting mechanics which went live with xpac:

  • Refining will now grant a 5% bonus instead of a 10% bonus.
  • Refining will no longer grant bonuses to potency, crit bonus, Weapon Damage Bonus or Spell Weapon Damage Bonus. This will not affect items that have already been created with refined materials.
  • Experimentation’s effect on crit bonus and potency has been reduced from 10% to 5%. This will affect previously experimented items.
  • Crafters (weaponsmiths) have been granted a recipe that allows them to change weapon delays between 4 and 6 seconds.
  • Terrors of Thalumbra Handcrafted and Mastercrafted items may not be transmuted or salvaged.


Harvesting & Crafting Materials

Harvest tier level: 100 (T12)

Harvesting nodes location:

  • Thalumbra, the Ever Deep

Harvesting nodes:

  • dark ore
  • decaying timber
  • fungal outgrowth
  • thalumbral school
  • twisted lair
  • twisted roots
  • veined stone

Regular Harvest:

Rare Harvest (Minimum Harvesting Skill Required for Rares: 500):

Extremely Rare Harvest (for 96-100 Grandmaster spells):

Salvage Materials (level 100 gear with INFUSABLE flag only):

Tips, hints and suggestions

Artisan Recipes

Faction merchant Thalnor (Maldura, /waypoint 47, 35, -165) sells verity of recipes. Each costs 10 Coin of the Grand Artificer to purchase. Most items sold by this merchant require positive standing with Deepforge Founders.


There are 3 recipes for crafting infusers, one for any crafter (Infuser Reconstruction of the Deepforge Founders) and two for provisioner (Deepforge Provisioner Essentials, Deepforge Advanced Provisioner).

Deepforge Founders faction Provisioner infusers

Handcrafted infusers require only regular mats, while mastercrafted require rare material, umbral pelt.

Deepforge Founders faction Geocrafting infusers

To ‘reconstruct’ these infusers you will require certain fragments, which come from salvaging gear:

Purple Adornments

Any level 100 artisan can scribe Traditional Runes of the Deepforge Founders and craft new purple adornments. The rare material, Blank Umbrite Rune is needed to craft purple adornments. It can be purchased from fuel merchants in Maldura or Guild Hall for 4 Coin of the Grand Artificer. Mastecraft purple adornments are tier I, and provide lowest amount of resources after solo, heroic and raid counterparts.

For the full list of purple adornments in this expansion, visit ToT: Progression part of the guide.

Green Adornments

Any level 100 artisan can scribe Spirit Stone Repair Methods of the Deepforge Founders and craft new green adornments.

Each adorn requires one rare material of the same name: