Treasure Hunt

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mythicalaltardeityWhen opening a platinum or an umbrite chest there’s a small chance to get A Deific Altar that can be unpacked. You can select one of the altars from the list (there’s one for each deity). These altars offer two options:

  • Pray – get miracles and blessings from this deity (work like guild avatars purchased from guild prophet amenity)
  • Commune – get a 24h buff that’s two times stronger then the one given to you by the altar of ancients from pre-order (example of Solusek Ro’s buff on the right side)

In order to pray or commune at these altars you must first worship the right deity.

Platinum Chest Loot Table

Jewelry Weapons & Shields

Umbrite Chest Loot Table

 Fabled  Mythical

Relic Armor

Yes, it is possible to get a relic armor from platinum and umbral chests. The drop rate seems to be extremely low. Following relic gear can drop from either of the chests: